Are 3 Food Myths Keeping You Stuck?

There are many fantasies about diet and nutrition, but the three subordinates are still part of future clients. And if we investigated?


  1. Maintenance is important for weight reduction

 Weight loss is the main reason people adjust their diet. Besides, there are huge amounts of weight reduction data available on the Internet - and many of them disapprove of other information you will discover.


In any case, good maintenance can help solve many problems. For example:


  • Do you have trouble recovering quickly after your workout?


The right nutrition plan can change that.


  • Do you have high blood pressure, diabetes, prediabetes or any other medical problem?


The right nutrition plan can reverse these problems.


  • Do you live in emotional episodes? Do you feel you need more vitality?


The right nutrition plan can allow you to monitor and change one (or both) of these problems.


  1. The weight loss comes down to the calories in / off. I can do everything alone

You can do a lot of things on your own, including reducing calories. In any case, be aware that the ingredients are much higher than the calories they contain. The hormones they trigger could be much more remarkable.


It's not true that all calories are the same. Changing your diet can often do more than reducing the amount.


  1. Oh my God! Major changes are needed. It's too confusing and too hard

It does not have to be difficult. It is quite conceivable to make minor and simple modifications giving good results. Anyway, there's something, you have to do it. Besides, a decent mentor can allow you to make these small changes and get the results you need.

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