Common Causes of Obesity

Obesity is a condition in which the muscle / fat ratio is excessive. A person with a BMI (weight record) of more than 30 is said to be strong. People with a BMI greater than 25 are considered overweight.


Around the world, especially in the countries created, the pace of Stoutness is growing at a worrying pace. More than a million Americans have a BMI greater than 40! This number is two times higher than the comparative figure of the 1980s. The number of overweight children has increased since the 1980s. It should be obvious that any subsequent age will be more severe than the previous one. This is why it is assumed that obesity affects flagellates in 2020 continuously.


The main reasons for obesity include a wide range of hereditary and social elements. Those are:


Hereditary Variables: Although the relationship between strength and heredity is not particularly clear, it is clear that the offspring of overweight and vigorous guardians will generally be heavier than others. One of the reasons could be copying a family's nutritional needs. In cases where the propensity to consume unwanted foods is considered a guardian, children often follow similar steps. This hereditary tendency to violence occurs mainly in adolescents under 11 years of age.


Overloading: Eating more than the body needs is one of the biggest factors in fatness. In an earlier era, people had the opportunity to ask what they ate for calories burned. This was before the expansion of fast food. Nowadays, fast nutrients are the best contributor to empty calories. They contain a strong convergence of fat, sugar, and sodium. Excessive use of this type of food will probably lead to obesity.


Inpatient Lifestyle: People who eat more clearly need to practice more. Anyway, a remarkable change is underway. Due to the heavy workload and lack of time, many people are forced to feed quickly and adopt an inactive lifestyle. If you work in a place all day, you can take every opportunity to do it. The inactive lifestyle is often considered the main target of diabetes.


Concern: According to analysts, unsafe and enthusiastic subjects and growing cultural weights can cause a person to fall into a throat. Many fat people are helpless in the face of real food.


Well-being factors: In some people, inherited diseases can lead to obesity. Hypothyroidism is one of those conditions. In some cases, drugs can also lead to obesity.


The weight is a silent hangman. To combat obesity, it is important to pursue a plan for continuous and organized health improvement.

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